We are seeking nominations for Arctic researchers at all career stages, as well as individuals and community leaders with knowledge, skills, and experience relevant to Arctic research planning, particularly Indigenous Knowledge Holders to join the ICARP IV Research Priority Teams!

We are accepting nominations from:

If you are interested to participate in the Research Priority Teams (RPTs), please fill out the form below by 29 September 2023!


Access the Nomination Form


All nominations will be reviewed in October 2023 by the ICARP IV International Steering Committee who will make the final decision on the composition of each RPT. Applicants will be informed after a decision has been made.

Topic Areas:

At the moment seven Research Priority Teams will be set up on the following topic areas:

  • Topic Area 1: The Role of the Arctic in the Global System
  • Topic Area 2: Observing, Reconstructing, and Predicting Future Climate Dynamics and Ecosystem Responses
  • Topic Area 3: Understanding the Vulnerability and Resilience of Arctic Environments and Societies and Supporting Sustainable Development
  • Topic Area 4: Scientific cooperation and diplomacy
  • Topic Area 5: Co-Production and Indigenous-led methodologies
  • Topic Area 6: Preparing present and future generations through Education, Outreach, Communication, Capacity Building, and Networking
  • Topic Area 7: Technology, Infrastructure, Logistics, and Services

A more detailed description of each topic area can be found here.


The Research Priority Teams will work with the input provided through the ICARP IV Community Engagement process throughout 2024 and 2025 to:

  • review and summarise the wider community input provided for their topic areas (or organise own engagement events if necessary)
  • define knowledge gaps and research priorities for their topic areas
  • develop science and educational, outreach and communication plans as well as recommendations for implementation of the research priorities.

The preliminary results of the Research Priority Teams work will be presented at the ICARP IV Summit / ASSW 2025 in Boulder, Colorado, USA (21 – 28 March 2025), followed by a community-wide public consultation phase, with the aim to finalise the outcomes of the Research Priority Teams work by the end of 2025. The results will then contribute to the final report of the ICARP IV process published in 2026.

Estimated Workload:

  • Mode of Operation and Meetings:
    • Each Research Prioirty Team will mainly work and meet online. They will communicate via email as often as necessary to work on their tasks.
    • In-person / hybrid meetings are limited to:
      • two-day open hybrid workshops of each Research Priority Team during the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2024 - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (21 - 29 March 2024). The workshops will be open to all ASSW 2024 participants.
      • The chairs of each Research Priority Team (or a designated alternate) will also be invited to an ICARP IV Planning Retreat in autumn 2024 in Akureyri, Iceland.
      • RPT Sessions during the ICARP IV Summit / ASSW 2025 (Boulder, Colorado, USA from 21 – 28 March 2025)
  • Other tasks:
    • review materials relevant to the RPT submitted via the ICARP IV Engagement process
    • identify additional materials needed for the RPT work
    • if necessary: hold own community engagement events specific to their RPTs
    • contribute to drafting the reports of the RPTs work (research priorities and their implementation plans)

The detailed Terms of Reference for the Research Priority Teams are available here.

Funding Support:

Members of the Research Priority Teams who do not have their own institutional support, can apply for travel support for attending the ASSW 2024 and the ASSW 2025 from the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC).


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