ICARP III includes a series of meetings and events during 2014/15, starting with the formal launch at Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2014 in Finland and culminating in a final conference during ASSW 2015 in Japan.
Focused sessions, symposia and side meetings at various conferences, led by ICARP III partner organizations, are organized within the ICARP III time frame:


Inuit Circumpolar Council – General Assembly, Inuvik (Canada), 21-24 July 2014

11th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region, Whitehorse (Canada), 9-11 September 2014

Czech Polar Ecology Conference, České Budějovice (Czech Republic), 21-24 September 2014

Competitive Potential of the Northern and Arctic Regions, Arkhangelsk (Russia), 8-10 October 2014

China Symposium on Polar Science (CSPS), Qingdao (China), 14-16 October 2014
Arctic Change 2014, Ottawa (Canada), 8-12 December 2014

Arctic Circle, Reykjavik (Iceland), 31 October – 2 November 2014

Arctic Biodiversity Congress, Trondheim (Norway), 2-4 December 2014

Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø (Norway), 18-23 January 2015