More information on activities and projects endorsed for the ICARP IV engagement phase can be found here soon. If you are planning an ICARP IV related engagement activity, please find out more information on how to seek endorsement here.  

Activity TitleActivity StatusMain OrganiserType of Activity
SIOS engagement to ICARP IV process Ongoing Heikki Lihavainen, Ilkka Matero, Christiene Hübner, Eleanor Jones, Rudols Denkmann, Richard Ashley Workshop
Indigenizing Arctic Research Ongoing Varvara Korkina Williams, Daler Sambo Dorough, Tatiana Degai, Melody B Burkins, Matthew Druckenmiller, Andrey Petrov Workshop, Townhall Meetings, Community Listening Session, Talking Circle, Project
Arctic Observing Summit 2024 Ongoing Alice Bradley, Maribeth Murray Workshop
Cross-cutting activities for geosciences, atmospheric physics and space sciences Ongoing Lucilla Alfonsi Workshop, Community Listening Session; Survey; Assessment; Capacity Building
The effects of winter warm spells on the ecosystem and the socio-economic organization of Arctic communities Ongoing Andrea Spolaor Workshop; Talking Circle
Microplastic emergency and the associated plastisphere in freshwater habitats of the Arctic Ongoing Maurizio Azzaro; Angelina Lo Giudice Workshop
Aligning Arctic Research Priorities, Infrastructure and Access in support of ICARP IV Session at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2023 Completed European Polar Board; INTERACT - The International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic Conference Session
ICARP IV - Deciding Arctic Research Priorities For The Next Decade Breakout Session at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2023 Completed International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), European Polar Board (EPB), The Icelandic Centre for Research Rannís Conference Session
Indigenizing Arctic Research: Strategies, Priorities, and Planning Session at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2023 Completed Institute of Arctic Studies, Dartmouth College, USA; Navigating the New Arctic Community Office, University of Colorado Boulder, USA; ARCTICenter, University of Northern Iowa, USA Conference Session
Emerging priorities in terrestrial herbivory research in the Arctic
Ongoing Isabel C. Barrio, Herbivore Network Workshop, Survey, Project
ICARP IV at EUCOP - Towhnall Meeting -Identifying Arctic Permafrost Research Needs and Priorities Completed International Permafrost Association (IPA); EU-PolarNet 2 Townhall Meeting; Community Listening Session
IASC State of Arctic Science Report 2023 Completed International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Report
UArctic member engagement to ICARP IV process Ongoing University of the Arctic Workshop; Community Listening Session; Survey
ICARP IV Townhall Meeting at ASSW 2023 Completed International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Townhall Meeting
Arctic Circle Breakout Session 2022: ICARP IV - Arctic Scientific Planning for the next Decade Completed International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Conference Session

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