SIOS Polar Night Week ICARP IV workshop

ICAPR IV Endorsed Activities
2024-01-23 - 2024-01-26
SIOS Polar Night Week 2024, Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) will engage in the ICARP IV process. SIOS has 28 member institutions from 10 different countries active in research in and around Svalbard. SIOS publishes an annual report entitled “The State of Environmental Science in Svalbard” (SESS), which includes recommendations for future activities to close knowledge gaps in Svalbard. There have been more than 200 recommendations since the first SESS report in 2018, and these will form the basis of the SIOS contribution. The SESS reports are the main tool used to develop SIOS research infrastructure. In addition, we will utilise the contributions from the Interdisciplinary Polar Studies 2023 (IPS 2023) workshop.

The ICARP VI workshop will be organised as part of the main event of SIOS, Polar Night Week, to be held 22-26 January 2024. Polar Night Week is an arena for idea exchange, reflection and planning of future activities, and creates a vibrant atmosphere in the middle of the beauty of the polar night.

The workshop will be based on the recommendations from the 6 SESS reports published so far, a synthesis report made from the first 4 SESS report recommendations, and a draft SIOS optimisation strategy. The recommendations will be selected with respect to pan-Arctic relevance.


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