The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), the European Polar Board (EPB), and The Icelandic Centre for Research Rannís are jointly organising a breakout session "ICARP IV – Deciding Arctic Research Priorities For The Next Decade" during the Arctic Circle Assembly 2023 in Reykjavik, Iceland on Friday 20 October 2023 from 09:40-11:05 am GMT

From 2022 to 2026, the IASC in cooperation with many partners worldwide, is organizing the decadal 4th International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP IV) Process. Throughout 2023 and into 2024, community engagement into the ICARP IV process is encouraged with the goal of the engagement process being truly inclusive, diverse, and engaging to ensure that the scientific priorities for the next decade are firmly grounded on the advice and needs of Arctic scientists and science organisations, Indigenous peoples and Arctic residents, stakeholders, and rights-holders. Individuals of all career stages, groups, networks, institutions and organisations are encouraged to contribute to this ICARP IV engagement process. This scientific session builds on the last year’ discussion (ACA2022) and presents the progress and first outcomes of the ICARP IV engagement process.


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