Individuals, groups, networks, institutions and organisations are encouraged to organise projects and events as part of the ICARP IV engagement process and seek endorsement for their activity from the ICARP IV International Steering Committee.

Why seek endorsement for your planned activities?

The endorsement process is necessary to ensure that all ICARP IV activities are:

  • Tracked so their outcomes can feed into the later phases of the ICARP IV process (e.g. the work of the Research Priority Teams) and contribute to the ICARP IV outcomes and implementation plans;
  • Highlighted and advertised to the Arctic research community and all other relevant stakeholders and rightsholders to ensure they are able to actively participate if the activity is relevant for them;
  • Provided with the necessary background information and reporting templates for ICARP IV;
  • Organised and targeted to contribute to the goals and aims of the ICARP IV process and to provide recommendations for the outcomes of the ICARP IV process.

Endorsement does not include a financial contribution to the proposed activity.

Endorsement Guidelines

The ICARP IV International Steering Committee will consider endorsement for activities that:

  • Contribute to the goals and aims of the ICARP IV process;
  • Acknowledge the importance of close coordination of all planned ICARP IV activities;
  • Agree that a summary of the endorsed activity (including their logo, if applicable) will be made public through the ICARP IV website and other appropriate means;
  • Agree to advertise their proposed activity via the ICARP IV website and communication channels based on the instructions provided to the endorsed activity;
  • Agree to support the work of the International Steering Committee and the Research Priofity Teams throughout the ICARP IV process (until end of 2026)
  • Agree to be available for follow-up interviews, discussions, surveys or email communications within the ICARP IV process (until the end of 2026);
  • Agree that a report about the results of the endorsed activity and its recommendations for the ICARP IV process will be submitted to the IASC Secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by no later than 4 weeks after the completion of the activity on the reporting template provided by the IASC Secretariat and available on the ICARP IV website;
  • Agree to acknowledge the ICARP IV endorsement by using the ICARP IV logo on any material created for the endorsed activity (website, printed materials).

How to seek endorsement?

Please submit the endorsement request form. A word version is available via the IASC Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. upon request

Your request will be forwarded to relevant members of the ICARP IV International Steering Committee for assessment.

The IASC Secretariat will notify the project leader/activity organizers on the decision. You should expect to hear within a month of your request.


Endorsement Request Form



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