Activity Description:

Herbivores are central to tundra ecosystem dynamics and a cornerstone to Northerners’ lives. However, the diversity and abundance of herbivores face significant challenges due to various stressors, such as global warming and infrastructure development, which impact the accessibility and availability of food.

To streamline research efforts in this field, the Herbivory Network suggests employing a horizon scan approach to determine research priorities for the next decade, with the aim of conserving biodiversity and enhancing management practices for ecosystem health. This systematic process will facilitate the identification of critical action points and assist in the strategic planning of future research endeavors.

During the Herbivory Network meeting in Cambridge Bay, Canada, held in June 2023, participants unanimously acknowledged the significance and timeliness of the ICARP IV process and expressed their eagerness to contribute. To identify priorities and needs in Arctic herbivory research for the next decade, an online survey was developed. This survey will be distributed to Herbivory Network members and to other interested researchers. The survey responses will be compiled and organised into thematic categories by a core working group. Subsequently, an in-person workshop is scheduled for 2024 to further refine the emerging themes and determine key action points. We anticipate that this collaborative process will be beneficial to ICARP's objectives while fostering the generation of new knowledge in the field of Arctic herbivory.

The Herbivory Network (HN) is a collaborative research initiative ( and a UArctic Thematic Network. Since its establishment in 2014, the HN has worked towards addressing the role of herbivory in Arctic and alpine ecosystems and developing new approaches to harmonise research efforts. The goal of HN is to foster collaborations within and across disciplines, facilitate multi-site comparisons, and work towards understanding the complexity and variability of responses of tundra ecosystems to herbivory.


Main Organiser: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Agricultural University of Iceland); Herbivory Network


Type of Activity:

  • Workshop,
  • Survey
  • Project


Dates and Locations: 

  • June 2023 to December 2024, Circumpolar ((in-person workshop location TBD)


Open / Closed Activity:






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